Fees   BestLives.com - Christine R. Wylde, MA LMHC - psychotherapist and coach

Fee Structure

  • 45 minute office or phone session, $145.00 US
  • 60 minute office or phone session, $175.00 US
  • 75 minute office or phone session, $205.00 US

Psychotherapy services and coaching services are charged at the same rate. All fees are to be either pre-paid, or if in person paid at the time of service. Christine is an "out of network provider" for insurance purposes. She will provide you with a statement  that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Professional Consultation

The decision to pursue personal coaching or psychotherapy is an important one and Christine offers a free 20-minute consultation appointment to help you decide if working with her might meet your needs. Call (206) 321-2887 to schedule.  Psychotherapy and personal coaching services are available in person or over the telephone.

No e-mail coaching or therapy is provided. Christine has found that only telephone and in-person sessions are able to provide the necessary intimacy, speed and flexibility for effective therapy and coaching to occur. She will exchange brief e-mails to deal with logistics and clients e-mail file attachments if they are relevant. Please note that some psychotherapy issues are not appropriately addressed via telephone, therefore in person psychotherapy may be the only option available.