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" I would be less than forthright if I didn't acknowledge both Christine's insight and her genuine concern during a period in my life that was almost overwhelming. Yes, she made me work at it, yet now I say with such confidence that I'm a much different, a much healthier and much happier person. I could have never gotten here without her guidance… It would be my great pleasure to reassure anyone that I'm living proof that it is possible to turn everything around and achieve a healthier state of mind. "
••• MR, telecommunications executive

" I have dealt with excessive anxiety for as long as I can remember. I sought help from Christine because I was no longer willing to live my life feeling on edge, irritable, distracted, and fatigued. With wisdom, compassion, sensitivity, and patience, Christine helped me understand and break the patterns that had kept me stuck and frustrated for 20 years. Today, I experience a sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment I never knew was possible. "
••• KM, psychology graduate student

" Christine is an honest, trustworthy, intelligent, and straight-forward person. Unlike other therapists I had been to, she didn't have a hidden agenda, nor did she feel the need to sum up my personality or problems. She had the patience and intuition to work with me through my issues at the speed I needed to go. Christine helped me change my attitude towards life, and helped me realize I have all the tools I need to deal with any situation. Christine never made me feel analyzed, criticized, judged, or dismissed. She didn't try to impress me with big words and lots of psychobabble. She was simply wise and caring. "
••• TB, massage therapist

" I met with Christine once a week for about 2 years, during a stage in my life where I was faced with tremendous change, upheaval, and decisions I needed to make. It was an uncharted path, with no precedent for me to rely on. There were times when I came to our sessions unsteady, confused, and scared. The clearest and most important thing I can say of Christine is that when I was unsure and wavering on my path, she effectively reminded me of who I was and what I wanted with directness, gentleness and humor. Christine was able to consistently nudge me back into a place of clarity, perspective, & peace. That was a priceless gift, for which I am forever grateful to her. "
••• KT, screenwriter

" The thing that impressed me most about Christine was that even after I left the country for 3 years, and hadn't spoken to her in just as long, when I returned she remembered an amazing amount about my history. It was clear to me that I was not simply "a client" to her, but someone she took interest in, and desired to help as a friend. I found her to be someone who listened intently and has a warm, open, and welcoming personality which makes it very comfortable to speak honestly with her. "
••• LD, peace corps volunteer

" Christine gave me the tools I needed to stay focused and calm after I received my cancer diagnosis.
I was able to weather the emotional ups and downs of surgery and treatment as a result of what Christine taught me. "
••• TT, television producer



When my wife and I first visited Christine, I was a bit skeptical that she could help our marriage. Now I'm convinced that the world would be a better place if everyone - whether facing difficult times or not - could talk with someone like Christine a few times each month. After six months of Christine's guidance, my wife and I have a stronger bond than at any point in the six years we've known each other. "
••• JS and KS, law student and IT professional

" Before we started seeing Christine we were both thinking seriously of divorce. We didn't want to divorce, but we couldn't seem to find a way to live together happily. With Christine we learned how to accept control and responsibility for our decisions so that we could leave blame and resentment behind us. She gave us the tools to be better, stronger individuals, so that we could each bring more to our marriage. We really couldn't have done it without Christine's professional, down-to-earth, and very personal counseling. "
••• JH and JH, waiter and teacher

" My Partner and I saw Christine to help us work through the communication struggles we were encountering in the course of our co-parenting. Her patience and kind approach was incredibly helpful. She particularly assisted in giving us the space to balance our strong introvert/extrovert natures, so both could feel heard. We recommend Christine wholeheartedly! "
••• ML and RS, carpenter and graduate student